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Web Tool for Management of Long-Term Testing Results


Store results online

Import your testing results and access them wherever you want, on any device. Share these results with others the easy way.


Compare results

Watch for regressions and see how the results change over time thanks to synoptic charts or colored lists.


User experience focused

We focus on presenting data the most friendly way on all your devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

Synoptic charts and colored lists

Review yout results thanks to synoptic charts with simple table overview and colored lists, that distinguish different results. You can also compare several submissions and see what has changed through time. That is, what the application is being make for.

Best user experience on any device

We are making sure that your results can be viewed on any device you have at hand and look great. That is why we made the web application into material design, so you use nothing but familiar components, that are easy to use and focus on main actions on each page.

We believe that even tools for developers can look great and serve its purpose!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for your most frequent questions.

Is ResultCloud ready to use?

Right now, ResultCloud is still under development, but the main core is ready. We recently changed the application design into material design and are fixing bugs, that can occur while we test it.

When do you plan to release?

There is no relase date yet. We are planning on adding new features and fix potential bugs and we have not definitely decided the date yet.

Is there any documentation?

Documentation is on its way, but is not the main thing we focus on, so be patient, please. You can expect two kinds of documentation. One as a user guide and one for developers, to support them at their effort to create new plug-ins and improve the existing ones.

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